Some of my canine friends have occasionally asked me to describe my vision of ‘Doggie Heaven.’ Descriptions such as these can be as elusive as water flowing over your paws. But I can come close….
Yesterday D and Miss M took me to the Pet Spa at Harrods! Mon Dieu, quel luxe! I’m fortunate enough to have visited some nice places before, but this truly takes the biscuit! (The picture here is of my friend Shadi, one of the owners of Harrod's Pet Spa. I'm the one on the left!)
A beautiful lady named Amy escorted me into a counselling room where she chatted with me about what would not only warm the cockles of my heart but even the heart of my cockles! (I’ve been thinking about those lately!). She suggested for the holidays that I should have a hair trim, a relaxing manicure and after all my international travel, she felt I must have a luxuriating massage and moisturising mud bath! I quickly glanced at D because I know how he feels about me having the occasional roll in the muck, but this time he was smiling!
D and Miss M went downstairs to meander through the Perfume Rooms at Harrods. Miss M wanted to select a new perfume for Christmas. She never listens to me….time after time I’ve invited her to try some of the toilet water…she never listens!
Harrod’s Pet Spa is an independent ‘concession’ that operates on the fourth floor of Harrods. The owners, Stephanie and Shadi, are amazing people whose love for animals is readily apparent. In fact, Stephanie is the author of two international best selling books PupSnacks and Mutt Munchies.
I’m not accustomed to all this pampering and attention and was excited about what the day would bring. Amy took me into an amazing private room that was warm and inviting, where I stood on a soft matt. My personal ‘aesthetician’ gave me a careful inspection and offered suggestions as to what might best compliment my professional image. She carefully tended to my form and style, as she clipped and trimmed my svelte body. From there I was able to relax in an actual bubble bath where gentle hands massaged my aching joints. (Being a dog can be really exhausting at times!)
Only once in his life has D ever clipped my nails. To save him embarrassment, I won’t go into it. Needless to say, he drew blood and in a flood of tears, swore up and down that he’d never-ever attempt to clip my nails again. Thank you for that D! It really didn’t hurt…much.
I am SO impressed by the wonderful, caring, and gentle treatment I received from all the staff at Harrods Pet Spa. Without a doubt I will be visiting again soon!
As I mentioned, Harrods Pet Spa is a ‘Concession’ within Harrods. There are several independent concessions that provide pet related goods and services. But as with all fine stores, consumers will only see a seamless service where dedicated staff serve in all areas.
Harrods Pet Spa was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I intend to tell all my fellow woofmates about it! I also intend to let my Cat friend Bailey know about it as well. They give GREAT Kitty!
By the way...Please don’t tell D about this, but there was this fluffy pink poodle that….SSssshhhh... I shared the gift Stephanie gave me from the Canine Cookie Company! Yummeeeeeeee!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Piddles. You deserved your day out. Thank you for coming to see my nan at Ancaster House this week. Everyone enjoyed having you there! I didn't know that Harrods has private businesses inside the store. That was an education! Have a Happy Christmas Mr Piddles! Barbara and Elizabeth Anders

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Piddles
We took our Shar Pei, Ming Chow, to visit the Harrods Pet Spa. It was the BEST EVER! We understand why Mr Piddles likes it there so much. What lovely people! Hope to see you there some day Mr Piddles! Judy and Peter and Ming Chow