Welcome Friend. I’m glad you stopped by! My name is Mr. Piddles, although I'm known by a number of other monikers. My carer calls me Pot Roast. He says for a grown man, especially a member of the clergy, shouting out the name Mr Piddles sounds, well…a bit ‘woofy’ if you get my drift. He also calls me Scallywag – but I take great exception to that. I’m not by any means a scallywag. It’s just that ‘D’ (that’s what I call him) sometimes gets frustrated because I won’t always do exactly what he asks.

He just doesn’t understand that a dog’s got to do what a dog’s got to do! Rabbits abound, there’s a cat passing by. I love cats - preferably quartered and basted in their own juices, but I’ll settle with them just being my friend and not being so doggone aloof whenever I want to have a chat with them!

I’m a working dog in the truest sense of the term. My primary role is to look after D, making sure he’s on his toes all the time. But I also help him at church, in nursing homes, at bereavement visits or even in hospice. Nursing homes are my favourite places. There are people who need me and I need to have a chat with them.

I’m going to share some things on my blog that I think D isn’t quite ready to talk about in his diary at: Big World Small Boat. He can be a bit long-winded at times - everyone says so, but especially when I’m gagging to get out the door to go check my wee-mail!

You humans really don’t understand the intimate connectivity the canine community has with you. That’s unfortunate. If you did, you might be able to learn a few things from us.

I love D very much. He’s not as cuddly as Miss M – ‘our’ daughter and my room-mate. I let her share my room because that’s just the kind of dog I am.

For now, I’ll leave you to it. But take a moment to check out D’s blogs. You may find some thoughts that could help. Or you could learn a bit about what’s important to him.

There’s one thing he and I share in that’s sacrosanct. And if you browse through his diary, provided you don’t have the mental capacity of a catnip sniffing feline, you’ll figure it out quite quickly.

I readily admit that I’m hopelessly dyslexic. But that never interferes with my passionate and personal convictions. Perhaps we share in similar values? For now, I’ll just say that I have an unwavering and eternal faith in DOG!

Perhaps you need a little DOG in your life as well!

Woof! Woof! Thup! Thup!

Mr. Piddles

SPECIAL NOTE: Here's a short film of D visiting his street children at the building he let last winter. He has successfully secured the same building again for this winter as well, but the landlord says the children don't deserve to be in such a nice place! The second room you see is adjacent to a cattle barn. Three kind gentlemen from the Rotary Club of Hailsham made the 1800 mile journey, bringing an emergency generator, medical supplies, and other emergency goods. These kind men have helped D in ways they can never imagine. D has many more items that need to delivered, but airfares have sky-rocketed! Sadly, there are no budget carriers that fly to Moldova and airfares currently run between £300-400! So D is trying to raise frequent flier miles to use. Do you know anyone who might have some spare miles available?. Watch the children here!

Wanted! Part-Time Wife

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?



excavator thumb said...

very cool.

Anonymous said...

I think you're one of the sweetest men I've ever met. Please don't ever change being who you are.

Anonymous said...

I saw the article in the Argus. What a lovely dog! I think the church of England takes itself too seriously sometimes. Im glad you have the humour to see that and laugh at yourself a bit. it would be a nicer world if there were more people like you and mr piddles!

MATRON said...

Absolutely priceless! your link is definitely going on my blog page!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Piddles! Saw you in the newspapers again this week. Wouldn't it be nice if all little doggies worked as hard as you do to make people's lives more comfortable? Say hi to your friend who looks after you. He's a nice guy also! Miranda XOX0X

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