Why I Wear A Dog Collar

I was really honoured when a news reporter asked if he could interview me. It’s not often that we insignificant mutts are ever listened to. But as with all interviews, sometimes the most important things can get missed or at least misinterpreted.

I cannot stress enough the important role my fellow canines play in the relationships with humans, especially those who are lonely and in need. Perhaps you have a mongrel mutt who also loves people, has the patience of Job, and is acutely aware of your emotions. If you do, have a chat together and see whether there’s someone you could work with to find ways for the two of you to volunteer at a Nursing Home. Volunteering is such a rewarding thing and our communities are in desperate need of people (and dogs) who can extend a caring paw (hand).

Has anyone ever told you why clergy wear ‘dog collars?’ One of the reasons is to signify their approachability. That’s the only reason I wear mine. Actually, it started as a joke, when a certain Rural Dean was complaining about those awful american internet places where you can ‘ordain’ yourself and learn about colonics at the same time. It was quite funny because he was ranting so much about it, saying that he had just ordained his cat. So D decided to put a collar on me – just to show I’m approachable…as if you couldn’t tell! Some people say I work harder than D does, but I would never suggest that to him!

I’m honoured to have been thought of enough to be mentioned in the papers. But there’s an important reason behind it. Hopefully, it will encourage you to find ways to invest yourself in volunteering.

Reach out to someone today. You’ll feel better for it and so will they!

Three wags and a woof!

Mr P

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Anonymous said...

I loved the article in the Argus! I should be embarrassed to say but when I see some ministers wearing their collars I think I should never go near them! So many of them judge us because we dont go to church and when we do end up going no one wants us there. I tried to have my son baptised but the minister said because I didnt go to the church regularly he wouldnt do it. I work at Tesco and its not my choice but I have to work on sundays. But Ive always considerd myself a Christian and I want the best for my children which includes their baptism. But the Church of England minister says my child isnt worthy of being baptised because I dont go to church. Theres something wrong isnt there?