Dog Saves Cats

Credit where credit’s due! I’m certainly not blowing my horn for the species (well, maybe I am!), but there’s a down-under doggie named Leo who deserves a jolly large chicken dinner with all the trimmings!

Seems Leo the dog (sad about the name though), was doing precisely what we were made to do – protecting the underdog …and I can’t imagine anything more under than being a cat! Well anyhoo, Leo became caught up in a frightfully nasty fire at his home.

But rather than getting the heck out of there like everyone else did, Leo headed upstairs to size up how he was going to protect a box of newborn kittens.

When the firefighters arrived on the scene, they were amazed to discover Leo amidst the inferno, standing over the kittens, protecting them with everything he had! Well done Leo!

Hollywood couldn’t have written a more touching script; After the firefighters rescued Leo and the kittens, Leo collapsed from smoke inhalation. The firefighters had to administer heart massage and oxygen to resuscitate the marvellous little mutt!

With no smoke alarms in the house, it’s a miracle that no one died or fried.

Is this blog-note a shameless self-serving advocacy for dogs?

You betcha! Wag Wag Woof Woof!



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